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Zilla Connection Accelerator 4.3

Zilla Connection Accelerator will speed up your Internet connection
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ZillaSoft, Inc.

Zilla Connection Accelerator is a program that will speed up your Internet connection.
WARNING: This program installs in your system an adware service named RELEVANT KNOWLEDGE, that keeps track of all browsing habits and reports back to the main company. It also creates targeted popup ads on your local computer.

Zilla Connection Accelerator speeds up your Dial-Up, ADSL, Cable or ISDN connection by tweaking certain parameters in the configuration.

You´ll need to tell the program which type of connection you have (dial-up, cable modem, digital subscriber line or LAN). Should you choose any option, the program will ask your permission to download an additional program, System Guards, an anti-spyware program that will be downloaded and installed. It´s size is 8 Mb.

Then, the program begins tweaking parameters, telling you their prior values and setting the recommended ones. The program keeps a copy of the original settings, so you can revert things if anything goes wrong.

Once the changes are made, the program tells you that you must reboot your system in order to experience the new speed.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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